Properties Of Auburn Hills City

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3107 Caroline
Auburn Hills

1030 sq.ft

3 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms


$ 0


2658 Genes Drive
Auburn Hills

1473 sq.ft

3 Bedrooms

1.5 Bathrooms

2 Garage

$ 139900

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310 N Vista
Auburn Hills

1571 sq.ft

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1 Garage

$ 174900


2840 Davison Avenue
Auburn Hills

1100 sq.ft

2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Carport Garage

$ 109900

Berkley Property Management

Located in the southeast region of Oakland County, Berkley is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. This little city offers an amazing glimpse into history, dating as far back as about 1815 - when the first settlers arrived in the village. Around 1825, the first homes were built in what is now known as Berkley - many of which are still standing today.
Known for offering the perks of big city living without actually living in one, Berkley continued to gain popularity over the years - attracting individuals looking to escape the cost of big city life. Berkley was incorporated as a village in 1923 and as a city in 1932. And although the city is a suburb of the nearby and much larger Detroit, Berkley has never lost it's "home town" appeal.

It is estimated that Berkley currently has just under 15,000 people living in the city. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has an area of about 2.62 square miles - which gives the city a fairly high population density of about 5,725.2 inhabitants per square mile. Though the price of a home in Berkley may be slightly higher than the statewide average, the city is still ranked among the top five cities in Michigan on overall livability. The median home price in Berkley is around $145,200 - which is still nearly 17% lower than the national average. The median rent asked is $1,090, which is only slightly higher than the national average.

The median income in the city of Berkley is $70,625 - about 35% higher than the statewide average. Nearly everyone in the workforce is required to work 35 hours per week or more. The unemployment rate in Berkley is only 5.4%, about 7% lower than the national average. Incredibly, the poverty level in the city is only 7.3%, which is 53% lower than the national average.

Though Berkley may not be very big in size, it certainly makes up for it with its entertainment options. With Woodward Avenue making up the eastern border of the city, it's no surprise that one of the most popular events surrounding Berkley is the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. With the city playing an active role each year, the Dream Cruise is a classic car event and showcase that travels down Woodward Avenue. Also, day before the Dream Cruise, Berkley holds its own classic car parade that travels down Twelve Mile Road. This city even makes shopping easy - nearby shops sell practically anything anyone could need. For those looking for a little more relaxing entertainment choices, there is an art center as well as an art market located on Twelve Mile Road, just a few blocks apart. Also conveniently situated along Twelve Mile Road is Hartfield Lanes and Lounge - a relaxing and fun filled bowling alley. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from in Berkley, a majority of which are either found on Twelve Mile Road or Coolidge Highway. Finally, the Berkley Historical Museum houses memorabilia and historic items donated by local residents. Located at the old Fire Hall at City Hall, the building was originally dedicated in 1928, and later received recognition as a Historic Site in 1988.

The Berkley School District serves the city of Berkley, in addition to portions of two other cities. Created in 1840, this district includes some of the most favored schools in the area. Berkley Building Blocks is a preschool and childcare facility, working with younger children before they reach kindergarten age. Burton Elementary School and Pattengill Elementary School both work with children in grades PreK through fifth. Angell Elementary School and Rogers Elementary School both serve children kindergarten through fifth grade. Norup International School teaches children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Anderson Middle School serves children in sixth through eighth grade. Berkley High School teaches ninth through twelfth grade classes, however, some students from the Berkley School District attend Bloomfield Hills' International Academy for high school. The Center of Advanced Studies & the Arts (CASA) is a consortium school that offers courses that aren't taught within the school district due to lack of student interest. However, because CASA attracts students from six surrounding school districts, it is able to offer classes that would otherwise be unavailable. The Tri-County Educational Center - Kennedy Center is an alternative high school and adult education facility. The district also includes Oakland Schools Technical Campus southeast. The schools in this district are top-of-the-line, and Berkley has been named one of the top cities in Michigan when it comes to safety, happiness, the best place to raise a family, and the overall best place to live.

Just as it doesn't disappoint when it comes to entertainment or education, the city of Berkley certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to parks and recreational areas, either. With nine parks in the area, there are plenty of places to play, picnic, or go on a walk through. Lazenby Field, Oxford Park Towers Park, and Pattengill Playground and Ball field are all smaller areas and include a ball field and/or tennis courts, public parking, and a picnic area. Jaycee Park, Kiwanis Tot Lot, and Rogers Park all include a play area, picnic area, and public parking. Angell Park and Merchants Park are a little bit bigger, and include basketball courts, a ball field, a picnic area, a play area, and public parking. The biggest park though - and the most popular one - is Community Park. Nearly 18 acres in total area, this community center has something for everyone including: Walking/jogging trails, an ice skating arena, ball fields, horse shoe pits, play area, tennis courts, and a snack bar.

The Berkley Public Library is open six days a week and offers online resources, a mobile app, children's programs to help encourage more reading, and much more. A few of the main roads in Berkley are stops along the SMART bus service. SMART is an advanced reservation service, providing affordable transportation to Berkley residents. Finally, the city is served by Berkley Medical Center, a general practice, located on Twelve Mile Road. Berkley offers the excitement of big city living, but also the feeling of hometown comfort - truly the best of both worlds!