Properties Of Clinton Twp City

Deposit Taken

35420 Lucinda
Clinton Twp

1191 sq.ft

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

2 Garage


44663 N. Bunker Hill
Clinton Twp

1000 sq.ft

2 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms

1 Garage

$ 1025


38220 Fairway Court #41
Clinton Twp

700 sq.ft

1 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms


$ 59000


39597 Old Dominion Drive
Clinton Twp

900 sq.ft

2 Bedrooms

1.5 Bathrooms


$ 1050

Clinton Property Management

A census-designated place (CDP) of Macomb County, Clinton Township is a charter township in Metro Detroit. As Michigan's most populous township, Clinton Township is also the tenth largest municipality in the state. First settled in 1782, the township was organized in 1818 as Huron Township, after the Huron River. However, due to confusion because of another river with the same name, the township and river were both renamed Clinton in 1824. The township was chartered in 1989 - nearly 200 years after it was settled.

As of April 2016, signs located in Clinton Township boasted that the population topped 100,000 people. The total area of the township is 28.2 square miles - giving it a population density of approximately 3,563.9 inhabitants per square mile. The price of housing and cost of living overall may be a bit higher than some of the smaller surrounding areas - however, the prices to buy or rent a home are very similar to the statewide average. The median sales price of a home in the township is currently approximately $143,900. The current median rent price in Clinton Township is about $1,280 - which is actually lower than the national median rent price. The median household income is $53,590 in the township, and the per capita income is $29,353. The unemployment rate in Clinton Township is around 7.6%, which is slightly higher than the national average. It is estimated that approximately 5.8% of residents currently live below the poverty line.

To go perfectly with its area and location, population, rich history, and popularity - Clinton Township also has some of the best parks and recreational areas in the county. The township offers its residents a variety of entertainment options. The Mall at Partridge Creek is an open-air mall in the township. Opened in 2007, the mall features nearly 100 shops and restaurants, a movie theater, Bocce ball courts, a television court and fireplace, an outdoor play area, and also allows dogs - even offering dog comfort stations throughout the property. A highly popular attraction among residents as well as tourists, is the Morley Candy Makers and Sanders Candy Factory. Originally founded in 1919, the company is the largest chocolate producer in Michigan and one of the largest in the United States. The factory offers advanced registration tours, self-guided tours during the weekdays, and even a free sample at the candy store at the end of the tour. CJ Barrymore's is an indoor/outdoor entertainment and amusement park. Established in 1974, the park includes outdoor attractions such as: A roller coaster, go-karts, bumper boats, golf, batting cages, water wars, and rock climbing; while indoor attractions include: An arcade, bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, and a restaurant and concession stand.

In addition to the plethora of entertainment options, Clinton Township also offers a number of parks. In fact, the township has more parks and recreation areas than any other city in the county. Perhaps the most well known is the George George Memorial Park located on Moravian Drive. The park is thirty acres and includes: Play areas, picnic areas, a covered pavilion, fountain plaza area, walking/biking paths, and a wedding garden available to rent. Also very popular in the township is the Civic Center Park & Historical Village. With over seventy acres of total area, the park includes: Baseball diamonds, basketball courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, flag football fields, Bocce ball courts, a shuffleboard court, horseshoe pits, a sledding hill, play area, nature trail, historic village, fenced in dog park, and a picnic pavilion and historic village gazebo - both available to rent. Other parks in the township offer a variety of recreational activities as well. The other parks located in Clinton Township include: Steiner Building/Joy Blvd Park, Prince Drewry Park, Budd Park, Neil Reid Park, Normandy Park, Tomlinson Park, Webster Park, Canal Park, and a walking/biking trail arboretum.

Clinton Township is primarily served by the Chippewa Valley School District. However, portions of the township are also served by the Clintondale Community School District. The Chippewa Valley School District serves both Clinton Township and Macomb Township, and is the second largest school district in Macomb County - serving over 16,000 students. This school district includes a preschool center, twelve elementary schools, four middle schools, two ninth grade centers, three high schools, and the International Academy of Macomb High School. The Clintondale Community School District serves students in Clinton Township as well, and includes three elementary schools, Clintondale Middle School, Clintondale High School, and Alternative & Adult Education.

There are also additional attractions that some individuals may find appealing in Clinton Township. The Macomb Daily - a daily newspaper owned by the Journal Register Company - is headquartered in the township. The Italian American Cultural Society (IACS) is located on the northern edge of Clinton Township, after moving from Warren in 2004. An organization, the Walker Goldie Institute - which focuses on using teaching and after school programs to promote the education of the youth - is also found in the township.

The main branch of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library is located in Clinton Township. Open six days a week, the library is dedicated to serving the community and making it a better place. In addition to the resources generally offered by a library, the Clinton-Macomb library also offers drop-in tech help, several different workshops, puzzle days, movie nights, family story times, dance parties, trivia nights, Lego parties, exotic zoo events, and much more. There are a number of options in medical care in Clinton Township and the surrounding area. Residents in the township may go to Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Beaumont Medical Center, McLaren Macomb Lakeshore Medical Center, Convenient Urgent Care Clinic, Macomb Medical Center, Henry Ford Macomb Family Medicine, or a number of other facilities. A fascinating history, variety of entertainment options, bustling city life, and affordability - Clinton Township has a little bit of everything.