Oak Park Property Management

If you think that Oak Park is just a small, sleepy village in the Cook County of the Michigan State, then it is the right time to change your perception. Yes, it is the 29th largest municipality in the state (in the context of the population) as said by the Census reports of 2010. The total population is 51000.

Historic facts

Settled in 1830, the place showed rapid growth in the last decades of the 19th century. The momentum of growth remained consistent in the initial decades of the 20th century. As there was a surge in the infrastructure development, the place established a better connectivity to Chicago. Railroads and streets were developed, and it became quite easy to travel the big city of Chicago. It is needless to say that it opened several new avenues of the economic development.

Population graph of Oak Park touched the highest point (66000+ people) in 1940. The year of 1960 came with a big challenge of integrating communities. However, the local authorities showed incredible intelligence and maturity to devise strategies that helped people integrating. Instead of re-segregating the village, they took the stance of integration. Experts say that the strategy has been effective till date.

Oak Park boasts about several celebrities who either born here or lived here. Ernest Hemingway, Bob Newhart, Bob Newhart, and Frank Lloyd Wright are to name a few.

Connectivity to Chicago

The place is well-connected to the big city of Chicago by Green Line and Blue Line at four stations. As far as expressways are concerned, the Eisenhower Expressway is the main expressway that connects the Oak Park and Chicago city. It is also the direct connectivity to O’Hare International Airport. If you head towards East, then you will reach Chicago. Oak Park is a structured and systematic place where streets have their own numbering system.


2010 census says that the place is populated with 51000 odd people in 22600+ households. The families are 13000 with the racial markup of 67 percent white and 21 percent African-American people. The third largest contributors are Asian people who are around 5 percent of Asian people. The ratio is different as compared to other towns or villages in Michigan State. As per the reports, estimated median annual income is around 78K per annum.

The village of Oak Park uses the Council-Manager form. The Municipal Government takes care of the administration part. The chief of the board is called President. The board hires a village manager who conducts the daily affairs and administration responsibilities. The election is conducted through a two-stage election process. The general election elects government officials, whereas, the primary election nominated the party candidates. The municipal elections don’t have candidates of national parties. It is truly a local affair.

The small village has two high schools and several other schools that offer primary education. With a rich cultural heritage and profound history, the place is ideal for anyone to get settled. Good connectivity to Chicago makes it pretty convenient for daily commuters.