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Chesterfield Township Property Management

Located in the western tier of townships, Chesterfield Township is a picturesque and beautiful place. It has the glorious history of around 2000 years. Official records indicate that it was a place settled by the English emigrants when it was established. After than there was a regular inflow of people who came and settled in different parts if the township. Maoupin creek flows in the northwest direction after entering the place at the 25th section.

The place got the first school in the year 1834 at the Spring Cove Church. It was located on Section 32. The building was made from logs. The first mill came into existence in the year 1831 in section 6. Though it was a small cog wheel mill that used to crack and grind the corn. Later further mills came into existence in 1831 and 1833.

Industries and other development

The year of 1838 brought a big change when a family emigrated from New York and established a huge farm house of 300 acres. Located at the distance of two miles from Chesterfield, it was the biggest farm house in the area. Also, the first cheese factory was established by this family who made a history. There were 150+ cows in the premises, and the products were sent in other markets as well.


According to the 2000 census, it is a tiny township of 230 people and 86 households. Around 60 families reside in the village. The population density is not high. There are 412 people in every square mile. With the average density of one house per 15 Square miles, it is a place with a quite scattered population. The census reveals that around 97% white and 0.45 Native Americans live in the place. The remaining 1.79% people are from two or more races. Since the houses are quite scattered, the township offers superb landscapes and striking skyline.

Out of 86 households, 35 percent live with kids below 18 years. Around 8 percent are married couples, and 14 percent female householders are without husband or parents. The average size of the family is 3, and the average household size is 2.59. The township can be called 'a young township' because the median age is just below 36 years. The ratio of male to female is peculiar in the township. There are 84 males for every 100 females. In the age wise breakup of the population above 18 years of the age, there are 85 males for every 100 females.

As per the 2010 census, the population has reached 855 and the household units are 380. The other demographic ratios do not show any major deviations.

Chesterfield, Medora, and Summerville are the three major localities in the township. Medora is at the last point of the southwest corner on the line of the Rock Island division. It is called the best-built village. Chesterfield is a pretty and blissful place. The buildings, households, and other establishments add a glory to the skyline of the town. Summerville is a locality with very few houses.