Highland Property Management

Highland Township is located in Oakland County, Michigan, and is a suburb of Detroit. This charter township contains six separate unincorporated villages within its boundaries, which include: Clyde, East Highland, Hickory Ridge, Highland, Seven Harbors, and West Highland. In 1832, Naham Curtis was the first person to purchase land in what would later become Highland Township. Over the next few years, additional pioneer families arrived and officially founded the township. By an act of the Michigan Territorial Legislature, the area was organized as a distinct township in 1835. The primary factor that aided in the rapid development of Highland Township was the railroad in the area. The township's early factories were in the business of selling and/or trading pickles, and the railroad allowed pickles - as well as lumber, which was always in demand - to be transported at a reasonable cost.

Comprising the western border of Oakland County, Highland Township is also found alongside M-59, a major area highway. The township is a combination of city life, recreational areas, and bodies of water. Approximately one-fourth of the total area of Highland Township is known as Highland Recreation Area, and is owned by the State of Michigan. In addition to the land owned by the State, over two square miles of the township's total area is made up of water - which includes more than twenty-five lakes. The beauty that is the Highland Recreation Area and the number of lakes found within the township are undoubtedly appealing to visitors as well as residents. However, that isn't all that the township has to offer. A popular and well-known fact about Highland Township is that it has an extensive equestrian heritage, and aims to preserve that. The township declared itself an equestrian community in 2003, and with help from the Highland Equestrian Conservancy, in 2006 Highland Township gained recognition as Michigan's first designated equestrian community.

The estimated population of Highland Township is approximately 20,060 people. The township consists of 35.8 square miles of total area, of which 33.6 square miles is land area - giving it a total population density of about 560.3 inhabitants per square mile. The median household income in the township is $62,805 per year, which is quite a bit higher than the national median. The per capita income is approximately $25,484 per year. The median value of homes in Highland Township is just under $159,000, while the median rent is about $540 per month. The unemployment rate in the area is estimated to be around 7.1%, while the number of people living below the poverty rate equal about 9.9% of the total population.

Highland Township operates two sports parks, as well as two small open spaces available to the public, called "pocket parks" by locals. Although the township is currently only in the planning stages of the series of bicycle pathways around the area, the current sports parks are open and ready for action. Hickory Ridge Pines is situated on Hickory Ridge Road, about 2.5 miles from M-59. Home to the Huron Valley Soccer Club, the concession stand in this park is run by the Club during the regular season. In addition to the soccer fields, Hickory Ridge Pines also offers a baseball field, picnic areas, and walking trails. Located on Duck Lake Road, Duck Lake Pines is only about a quarter-mile from M-59. This park is home to the Huron Valley Youth Baseball and Softball League, who operate the concession stand here during the regular season. In addition to the softball/baseball fields, this park also offers several areas for other amenities, such as: Basketball, tennis, in-line skating or ice skating, volleyball, children's play structure, walking trails, picnic tables, and a pavilion. Of course, for those who may be looking to simply relax and enjoy the wonders of nature, a stroll along one of the 25+ lakes in the township is the perfect opportunity.

Highland Township lies in the area covered by the Huron Valley School District. This school district serves this township in addition to Commerce Township, Milford, and White Lake - however, the headquarters is located in Highland Township. Huron Valley Schools District serves approximately 4,200 students each year within its fifteen schools. Only one of the schools in the district are actually located in Highland Township, but the schools that make up the district include: Brooks Elementary in White Lake, Country Oaks Elementary in Commerce Township, Heritage Elementary in Highland, Highland Elementary in Highland, Johnson Elementary in Milford, Kurtz Elementary in Milford, Lakewood Elementary in White Lake, Oxbow Community School in White Lake Township, Spring Mills Elementary in Highland, Muir Middle School in Milford, Oak Valley Middle School in Commerce Township, White Lake Middle School in White Lake, Milford High School in Highland Township, Lakeland High School in White Lake, and Harbor High School (an alternative high school) in Highland. Duck Lake Center in Highland also offers a continuing education program.

In searching through old records and books, it has been found that the Highland Township Public Library dates back to at least 1856. The library has moved numerous times throughout the past century and a half, but is now located on Beach Farm Circle in Highland. Open six days a week, the mission of the Highland Township Public Library is "To connect you with people, resources, and knowledge to enrich, inspire, and empower your life's journey." (www.highlandlibrary.info) When it comes to healthcare in the area, Highland Township doesn't lack in the number of options it provides. Health/medical centers located in or near the township include: St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Urgent Care White Lake, Highland Milford Family Clinic, MinuteClinic, Detroit Medical Center, and several other facilities including specialty clinics. Highland Township's low cost of living, home-town feel, and top-notch amenities make it a place unlike any other!