Franklin Property Management

Franklin is a rather small village, located in Southfield Township in Oakland County. Named a Michigan Historic District, Franklin was actually the state's first historic district, designated in 1969.

Founded in 1825 by Elijah Bullock and a group of others, the settlers soon formed a business district and named the village Franklin in 1831. The village was incorporated in 1953. Historical markers located in the city tell a bit more of its history. Opened in 1830, the William Huston store, paved the way for a business center that would later include the Broughton Wagon Shop, Ye Olde Cider Mill - formerly known as the Van Every Mills, a number of taverns, two churches, and two distilleries. And a little known fact about Franklin is that it was a stop along the Underground Railroad. The city of Franklin has maintained its historic appearance and environment through decades and decades - making it one of the neatest places to visit in the area.

The population in Franklin is estimated to be about 3,220 people. The city is made up of 2.66 square miles of total area - giving it a population density of approximately 1,210.5 inhabitants per square mile. The median home sales price in Franklin is $466,300, which is more than double the national average. The median rent price asked is $1,730, which is more than twice the statewide median. The median household income in Franklin is $131,110, and the income per capita is $80,490 - both of which are far more than double the national average. Likely due to the fact that a majority of the residents of Franklin hold a college degree and work white-collar jobs, the city has a lower unemployment rate and a lower poverty rate than the state or national averages. Franklin currently has an unemployment rate of only 2.5% and a poverty rate of 6.0%.

The city of Franklin is one of historical significance and modern popularity. Therefore, not only does Franklin offer some of the greatest historical locations in the area, but also houses some enjoyable modern-day entertainment options as well. Among the most well known attractions in the area is the Franklin Cider Mill. Although the property actually lies outside of the city limits in nearby Bloomfield Township, the mill has a Franklin mailing address. After about three years of construction, Franklin Cider Mill opened as a gristmill in 1837 - the same year that Michigan became a state. Currently open from Labor Day through Thanksgiving weekend, the mill offers: Donuts, apple cider, apples and other fruits, a variety of meats and cheeses, candies, breads, and pies. The current firehouse in Franklin is quite the site - in 1959, it was built on the site of the old community hall, which had burned down the year before. The village is commonly known for its historic downtown area - which includes nearly all original conditions structures - making it a highly visited portion of the city.

The Franklin Woods Nature Center is a 38-acre nature park, and is another scenic attraction for the community. The center offers miles of walking/biking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more. The Rock Sports Complex is a recreational site that operates year round, offering baseball, biking, snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, and more. Parts of the Oak Leaf Trail of the Milwaukee County Parks cross into Franklin, providing a chance to enjoy the relaxation of nature. There are many other parks and recreational areas surrounding the city of Franklin - many of which are also popular tourist hot spots.

Franklin is covered by the Birmingham Public Schools (BPS), formerly known as Birmingham Community School District. The city of Franklin originally had its own school, but eventually joined the Birmingham Public Schools in 1945 to create one school district. This district primarily covers the cities of Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin, and Southfield Township. The district also covers portions of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Southfield, Troy, and West Bloomfield Township. Birmingham Public Schools currently operate an Early Childcare Center, eight elementary schools, one upper elementary school, two middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative high school.

The Franklin Public Library is a member of The Library Network - taking place in loaning and borrowing materials from other libraries, to ensure that members of the community have everything they may need. The Franklin Public Library strives to meet its goal - "To provide materials, services and information for residents of all ages for their recreation, education and lifelong learning." ( Open six days a week, the library is home to books, audio books on CD, magazines, and DVDs. The library offers a number of programs and events for residents of all ages. Some of the programs offered by the library include: Book discussions, story time, adult programs, playgroups, the summer reading program, and specialized youth programs that meet monthly on Saturday. Health centers nearby that may serve the residents of Franklin include: Health Centers Of Detroit, Concentra Medical Center, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, Beaumont Hospital – Farmington Hills, Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network, Beaumont Health, University of Michigan Health System: Livonia Health Center, and Emcura Immediate Care- Bloomfield, Birmingham. A relaxing stroll through the beauty that filled this country nearly 200 years ago is an opportunity that can't be missed - and Franklin is that opportunity.