Macomb Property Management

Macomb, or Macomb Township, is a northern suburb of Metro Detroit. Located in Macomb County, this township is the most rapidly growing major municipality in the State of Michigan - seeing a 36.6% population increase between 2000 and 2010. The township doesn't house any incorporated villages within its borders, but does include three unincorporated villages including Macomb Corners, Waldenburg, and Meade. The earliest settlers of Macomb were mainly of German descent, and found the area during their search for flat and fertile farmland. The Legislative Council officially approved Macomb as a township in 1834. The family of General Alexander Macomb owned a majority of the land at one point in time. General Macomb was a highly decorated War of 1812 veteran, leading the area to be named after him. The township played a very large role in the lumber and logging industry in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Many notable people have called Macomb Township home at one time or another. While the area certainly provides plenty of entertainment and recreational options, its still an interesting fact to know the notorious people that have lived in the houses and walked the streets. Some of the most well-known individuals that were born/raised/lived in the township include: NHL player Danny DeKeyser, rapper and recording artist Eminem, sportscaster Mario Impemba, and many others.

The estimated population in Macomb is approximately 85,459 people. The township consists of 36.3 square miles of total area, of which only 0.04 square mile is water - giving it a population density of about 2,354.2 inhabitants per square mile. The median income in the area is $80,947 and the per capita income is around $30,452. The median sales price of home in Macomb Township is $255,950 - a little high when compared to the statewide median. The median gross rent in the area is $1,777, which is slightly higher than the nationwide median. The unemployment rate in the township is 3.7%, which is only about half of the national average. The number of residents currently living below the poverty level equals about 4.6% of the total population.

Parks and recreational areas are found throughout Macomb Township. With such a high population, numerous teens and children need something productive to do with their free time. If parks alone aren't enough to maintain interest, Macomb offers several additional recreational options. The Macomb Township Recreational Center is a facility that houses countless activities, events, and amenities spanning its 92,000 square foot layout. This center includes two gyms, two aerobics rooms, a fitness center, indoor playground, a regular pool, an activity pool, a lazy river, a water slide, a hot tub, and a number of other amenities. The Macomb Township Recreational Center is the headquarters of the Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Department - which hosts several community events each year. The township also offers two additional community parks for the residents to enjoy. Macomb Corners Park and Waldenburg Park are both open to the public and aim to peak the interest of the young generation, keeping them focused on positive goals.

Four separate school districts each serve portions of Macomb Township. The school districts that serve parts of the township include: Chippewa Valley Schools, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools, New Haven Community Schools and Utica Community Schools. The combined districts house countless schools between them, but Macomb Township students likely attend the school closest to their home, which would most likely be one of the schools located within the township. The schools located in Macomb inlude: Nine elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.

The community of Macomb is also served by other public resources in addition to the schools, parks, and recreational areas. The township is served by the North Branch of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library district, which also maintains two additional branches in other nearby areas. Originally opened in 1992, this library district strives to provide knowledge, information, and resources that may otherwise be unavailable to members of the community. Finally, the Township of Macomb is also served by several surrounding medical facilities. Having the power to make decisions regarding personal healthcare is extremely important, and Macomb Township realizes that. Medical facilities in and near the township include: Beaumont Medical Center, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, McLaren Macomb, St. John Medical Center - Macomb Township, and countless others including specialty clinics. This Township scores "A's" across the board - it doesn't get much better than Macomb.