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Grand Blanc

1820 sq.ft

4 Bedrooms

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2 Garage

$ 179000

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Grand Blanc - which translates to "Great White" - is a small city in Genesee County, Michigan. Located in the Southeast portion of the county, Grand Blanc is a suburb of Flint. The land as well as the Saginaw Trail (now known as Saginaw Road) was originally settled by Chippewa Indians. French traders took interest in the area before 1800 and gave the village its name. In the Spring of 1822, Jacob Stevens became the first noted settler. By the following year, pioneer families were buying the farmland for $1.25 an acre and setting up trading posts. The year 1862 saw a surge in jobs and therefore, people - thanks to the construction of the railroad in the area. Grand Blanc was the first village in Michigan to consolidate its schools in 1904. By 1916, the village had a population of about 400 people whom had helped develop a private bank, a grade school, a flour mill, a creamery, an elevator, and two churches. The previously unincorporated village adopted its City Charter - becoming an incorporated city - in 1930.

The city of Grand Blanc is estimated to be home to right around 8,000 people. Grand Blanc is made up of 3.63 square miles of total area, giving it a population density of about 2,203.9 inhabitants per square mile. The median asking price of homes for sale in the city is $92,911, which actually fairly low considering the median value of said homes is $123,252. And while estimated that it should be a bit higher, the gross median rent in the area is only around $533. The median household income in Grand Blanc is just above the statewide median, at $49,729. However, at $32,104 - the per capita income in the city is quite a bit higher than the statewide median. The unemployment rate in Grand Blanc is 7.4%, which is only slightly higher than the state average. Also coming in just above the state average is the poverty rate in the city, which is about 17.6% of the population.

Grand Blanc is a city of numerous attractions, so there is sure to be something in the area that is of interest to everyone. One very well known attraction in the city is the Heritage Museum. Founded in 1972, the Heritage Museum is located in the City Hall complex - in the former First Congregational Church of Grand Blanc. Originally constructed in 1885, the building was purchased by the city in 1967 and is now home to the city municipal offices. The museum features exhibits that travel through time, displaying the history of the city with photographs, documents, and artifacts. There's another building in the city that is a popular attraction, as well. The Stagecoach Stop on Saginaw Road is the oldest building still standing in Grand Blanc. Built around 1840, a visit to this structure shows just how remarkable the history of the city truly is.

In addition to the incredible historic or otherwise interesting attractions in the city, Grand Blanc also realizes how important it is to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, as well. The city maintains three community parks and recreation areas. Donated to the city in 1939, the area that became known as Rust Park consists of nearly twenty acres of gorgeous scenery. Here, park visitors can find a memorial to Lt. William H Rust, the man the park was named in honor of, whom lost his life in the World War. Other features in the park include: A fenced-in play structure, basketball courts, baseball diamond, tennis courts, a pavilion - which includes picnic tables, grills, and electricity, walking trails throughout the property, and an unbeatable view of Thread Creek - which flows through the park. Another patch of land that was also donated to the city is now known as Physicians Park. Named for the number of ancestors in the city who worked as physicians, the park is the location of the annual Arbor Day celebration as well as the summer attraction Music in the Park. Additional features of the park include: A fenced-in play structure and swing area, a gazebo - complete with picnic tables, grills, and electricity, walking path, and an ice-skating rink in the winter. Finally, Grand Blanc Commons is a 137.5 acre nature preserve that offers trails and a bridge across Thread Creek - so visitors can enjoy full access to the breathtaking scenery.

Grand Blanc is served by the Grand Blanc Community School District. In addition to Grand Blanc, this school district also serves portions of Grand Blanc Township, Atlas Township, Mundy Township, Holly Township, and the City of Burton. With several larger cities nearby, the number of students who attend school in the Grand Blanc Community School District is approximately 8,300. The Perry Center serves pre-kindergarten through fifth grade; Cook and Elementary both serve kindergarten through second grade; Reid, Myers, Indian Hill, and Brendel Elementary all serve kindergarten through fifth grade; Mason and McGrath Elementary both serve grades three through five; two Grand Blanc Middle Schools - East and West - serve sixth through eighth grade; and Grand Blanc High School serves ninth through twelfth grade.

Part of the Genesee District Library system, the branch located within the city is known as the Grand Blanc-McFarlen Library. Open six days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day and seven days a week the rest of the year, this library offers numerous resources to the community. The Genesee District Library system operates on a mission: "To provide our local communities with access to up-to-date informational, entertaining, educational, and culturally enriching resources." ( With twenty-three computers, fax and copy service, private study rooms, an expanded book collection, a business center and much more, the Grand Blanc-McFarlen Library truly aims to succeed in its mission. And with events like a wildlife safari, summer reading challenges, family bowling nights and countless others - this library sets out to goes the extra mile for the community. For nearby health care, Grand Blanc and the surrounding areas provide a number of facilities to choose from. Health Centers near the city include: McLaren Laboratory - Grand Blanc, Genesys Physician Integrated, Grand Blanc Urgent Care, Genesys Health System, Complete Care Center, and Genesys Integrated Group, as well as several other facilities - including specialty clinics and health centers. Offering entertainment, excitement, and comfort, and a great location - Grand Blanc surely gives people that "at home" feeling.