Fraser Property Management

Discovered and developed mainly because of its perfect placement on the map, is the city of Fraser, Michigan. Fraser was incorporated as a village in 1894, and was established as a city by home rule charter in 1956. The city of Fraser is located approximately fifteen miles north of downtown Detroit and five miles west of Lake St. Clair. Considered a part of the Metro Detroit area, Fraser is situated within Macomb County. The entirety of the Macomb County was largely overlooked until the later half of the 19th Century, when the area's potential began to become evident.

The Detroit Erin Blank Road Company began constructing Utica Plank Road in 1851 to make travel through the area easier, essentially creating the crossroads for what would later become the village of Fraser. German immigrants coming to the United States in the search of political freedom were common in the 1850's - which is what brought the first settlers to the area in 1856. Among the first residents in the area were: George Fleischut, John Oehmke, Justus Wormsbacher, Christopher and Sophia Arnes, Henry and Theodore Rattman, and Fred Eberlein. Shortly after arrival, the first business in the area - a blacksmith shop - was established by Fred Eberlein, who would also later build a barrel stave mill in 1865. In 1858, the Chicago, Detroit, and Canada Grand Trunk Junction Railroad Company bought a right-of-way through the area and later built a train depot on what is still known as Depot Road. The crossing of Utica Road and the Railway Depot offered an area overflowing with potential commercial opportunities. Recognizing the area's potential was Detroit lawyer Alexander J. Frazer - who purchased land in what's known as the Grand Trunk right-of-way, in 1858. In 1860, the first postmaster, Leonard Scott, was appointed. David McPherson was appointed later in the same year, and the village began to be referred to as McPhersonville - though that only lasted a few years until the name was changed back to Fraser in 1863. Throughout the 1860's, several portions of the land that Frazer had bought were sold, and in 1870 it appeared that he no longer lived in the village that was named for him.

The city of Fraser is estimated to have a population of about 14,620 people. The total area of the city is 4.16 square miles - giving it a population density of around 3,514.4 inhabitants per square mile. The median value of homes in the city of Fraser is $108,256, while the median gross rent is $530 per month. Fraser has a median household income of just under $52,000, which is slightly higher than the statewide average. The per capita income of the city is approximately $28,780. The unemployment rate in Fraser is approximately 10.4%, which is noticeably higher than the national average. The number of residents living below the poverty line is about 14.4% of the total population of the city.

While Fraser certainly has an exciting and interesting history to offer, that isn't the only intriguing aspects of this old village. The city of Fraser provides its residents and visitors a selection of parks and recreational areas in addition to a number of other potential fun-filled adventures. Among the area's top attractions is D'Escape Mission - the chance to experience living in a video game, but it's real life! D'Escape Mission is a live escape room that tests guests ability to work together to solve clues, break the codes, and open the locks to freedom - all in under sixty minutes. This experience requires a reservation for the groups - which must consist of four to twelve people (depending on the room selected), and offers a choice of three different missions. Another popular attraction in the area is the Warfield Grill & Golf. This public golf course/grill opened in 1959 and offers nine holes while working up an appetite for the delicious cuisine. Warfield isn't the only place to enjoy a great meal, though - Fraser offers several restaurants to choose from.

Parks and recreation are important to the city of Fraser, which is why the city offers its residents nine major community parks to choose from. Each park has its own unique qualities, but each one provides the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of nature that Fraser has to offer. Steffens Park hosts Fraser's Annual City Picnic and Carnival each summer, and also includes a gorgeous gazebo (available for rental) and gardens full of lovely flowers. The park also includes recreational facilities as well, including: Basketball courts, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, soccer fields, and an outdoor skating rink for use in the winter months. Other parks in the city include: Blanke Park , Boris Park, Harrington Trails Park, McKinley Park, Pompo Park, Reindel Park, and Somerset Park.

The Fraser Public School District serves the city of Fraser and the surrounding area. This school district is among the top districts in the way of technology integration as well as music education. Fraser Public School District serves approximately 5,400 students each year within its Early Childhood Center, six elementary schools, middle school, one high school. This school district is also partnered with Rochester College, and offers on-campus college courses at no cost to the students - providing them with more options, college preparation, and overall life experience.

The E.C. Weber Fraser Public Library serves the community in and around Fraser. The city's website ( states that the library's mission is, "To provide equitable access to information, to be a place of connection for community engagement, and to enrich the lives of our patrons by encouraging them to explore and learn." Certainly striving to fulfill their mission, the library offers programs and activities - in addition to the normal ones - such as: Story time, story in the park, teen gaming nights, rummage sales, trivia nights, and much more. For healthcare in Fraser, there are a number of medical facilities in the area, including: Concentra Urgent Care, Care of Southeastern Michigan, Henry Ford Macomb Health Center - Fraser, MinuteClinic, Emergency Medicine Specialists, and Health Center Consultants. With its incredible history, affordable living, and top-notch parks and recreation, schooling, and medical options - the city of Fraser certainly sets the bar pretty high when it comes incredible places to call home.