Properties Of Bloomfield Hills City


480 Fox Hills Dr N #2
Bloomfield Hills

875 sq.ft

1 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms

1 Garage

$ 950

Bloomfield Hills Property Management

Bloomfield Hills is a picturesque, cool city in the northern suburbs in the Oakland County. The place is surrounded by Bloomfield Township and proximity to the industrial city of Detroit makes it an ideal place to live. Pontiac and Bloomfield are the two townships that came into existence on 28th June 1820 when the big Oakland County was divided. It was predominantly a farming area which was converted into the residential area in the 20th century. When Detroit Residents bought lands in the area, the settlement became a village, and later people voted to convert it into a city.

It is a place with a dynamic and mature community of residential blocks. Beautiful skyline, rolling terrains, eye-catching watercourses and unique architecture are the distinguished characteristics of the place. Reports say that Oakland County is amongst the richest counties in the country. Certainly, the landmark city of Detroit contributes maximum in the wealth.

Bloomfield Hills is located at merely 10 miles from the giant city of Detroit. No wonder, mansions and huge bungalows cost millions of dollars. It is said that the costliest mansion is worth 15 Million USD which is an enormous figure. Though the Bloomfield Hills has a minuscule population of 4000 odd residents, more than 10 times population is there in the Bloomfield Township.

The total city area is around 5.04 Square Miles, mostly land. Only a marginal .08 Square Miles is covered by water.

As far as demographics are concerned, according to 2010 Census, the population density is 780 people in a square mile, making it a quiet and calm place. While the majority of the residents are white (around 87%), around 4 percent are African American and only .1 Percent are the Native Americans. The rest is divided among Asians, Hispanic, Latino and other races.

More than one-quarter people have kids below the age of 18 years living with them. Around 70 percent people are married couples living together whereas 5 percent are women with no husband. Average family size in the city is 2.8 whereas average household size is 2.44.

The city can't be called a “young and dynamic place” because the median age is 54 years. Gender makeup says that it is a city slightly dominated by female residents with 51% as against 49% males.

Excellent educational facilities are provided by schools and colleges of the city. The most prominent one is, Bloomfield Hills School District (BHSD) which is a public school in the Bloomfield Township. It offers free education to kids. There are several good private schools as well. The township offers two single-sex Catholic Schools.

Both, the township and the hills are governed by two separate forms of governments. In the township, Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk are elected. In the City, Mayor and Council are elected. The city manager is appointed by the Government.

Township public library, high schools, Franklin Cider Mill and kirks in the Hills Presbyterian Church are some of the landmarks. Oakland Hills Country Club is another spectacular structure.