Bloomfield Property Management

The first township established in Oakland County, Michigan, Bloomfield Township was organized in 1827. Typically just referred to as Bloomfield, the township nearly entirely surrounds the city of Bloomfield Hills. Despite being ranked as one of the most expensive communities in Michigan, Bloomfield Township certainly has its share of positive aspects, as well. From its rich history to the breathtaking views, to the top-notch education programs, Bloomfield Township is sure to impress.

It is estimated that Bloomfield Township is currently home to just over 43,000 residents. According to the United States Census Bureau, the township is made up of about 26 square miles of total area - giving it a population density of about 1,653.8 inhabitants per square mile. Of Bloomfield Township's 26 square miles, just slightly over one mile is water - the beautiful Rouge River. The median price for homes in this township is around $300,000 which is slightly higher than average for the area. However, the median rent price in Bloomfield Township is about $905, which is less than the national average.

The median income in Bloomfield Township is approximately $112,800 - which is over double the statewide average. A majority of the individuals in the workforce work at least 35 or more hours per week. Bloomfield Township has an unemployment rate that is much lower than the national average. The per capita income in the township is estimated to be just under $63,000, with only about 2.5% of the population currently living under the poverty line.

Bloomfield Township is well known for being home to the Detroit Skating Club, were several world-class skaters and dancers have practiced and/or trained. Another point of interest in the township is the Franklin Cider Mill. After three years of construction, the mill was opened in 1837 as a gristmill. This mill was the first in the area where farmers could sell their wheat in return for money. Today, the mill sells apple cider, apples and many other fruits, a variety of meats and cheeses, donuts, candies, pies and breads. Its fascinating history coupled with its current appeal make Franklin Cider Mill a popular attraction among residents and tourists alike. Lifetime Athletic - a fitness center, gym, and health club - is also located in Bloomfield Township, offering residents an experience unlike any other. Personal trainers, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, yoga and Pilates classes, activities for the kids, weight loss programs, a cafe that provides healthy dietary choices, and a full-service spa are all offered at this incredible center.

In addition to the intriguing historical sites located in Bloomfield Township, there are also a number of parks and recreational areas open for the public to enjoy. Though it is owned by the Bloomfield Hills School District, the Johnson Nature Center is found within the limits of the township. Thirty-five acres of nature's beauty make up what is sometimes just referred to as The Center. Two miles of trails wind through the property, and can be used for walking, jogging, and even skiing during the winter months. Sites throughout The Nature Center include a large scenic pond, several types of trees and wildflowers, and a variety of wildlife. Specially constructed pens house injured and orphaned animals, and give visitors an opportunity to safely view them up close. The visitor center and classrooms offer an extra learning opportunity for the students who visit. Resting/picnic areas throughout the property, log cabins, and an outdoor amphitheater provide space for special programs, meetings, or classes. Also a very well known site in Bloomfield Township is the Oakland Hills Country Club. This private golf club consists of two 18-hole courses - the South Course, opened in 1918 and the North Course, opened in 1923. Numerous professional golf tournaments have been held at Oakland Hills Country Club, including six U.S. Opens and three PGA Championships - undoubtedly making it a hot spot for history and sports lovers.

Specific portions of Bloomfield Township are served by four different school districts. The township is mainly located in the Bloomfield Hills School District, however, small portions of the area are covered by the Birmingham Public Schools, Avondale School District, and the Pontiac School District. There are numerous schools, both public and private, that serve the area of Bloomfield Township. Some of the Bloomfield Hills School District institutions that serve the township include: Bloomfield Hills Middle School, East Hills Middle School, Eastover Elementary School, Way Elementary School, Bloomfield Hills High School, Conant Elementary School, and the Wing Lake Development Training Center. Birmingham Public School District schools that serve the township include: Harlan Elementary School, Derby Middle School, and Seaholm High School. Though only a small portion of Bloomfield Township falls in the Avondale School District, the students in this section are zoned to R. Grant Graham Elementary School, Avondale Middle School, and Avondale High School. Several other schools also serve the township, as does Oakland County Community College.

The Bloomfield Township Public Library is extremely involved in the community. Providing youth programs, teen programs, technology programs, and much more - this place certainly is top-notch. The library offers book clubs, family story times, a coloring club, a game show night, and even a murder mystery night! And when it comes to healthcare, Bloomfield Township has that covered too - in addition to physical therapy locations and general practitioners, the township is served by Henry Ford Medical Center, Bloomfield Urgent Medical Care, and Emcura Immediate Care. For those who may need a ride to an appointment, SMART bus offers a more relaxing mode of public transportation. SMART is an advance reservation service, but also has fixed routes - all for an affordable price. With all of these incredible sights and entertainment options, plus the numerous restaurants in the area to choose from, Bloomfield Township is practically unbeatable.