Properties Of Northville City


42106 Gladwin Street

1072 sq.ft

3 Bedrooms

3+ Bathrooms

1 Garage

$ 1450

Northville Property Management

The population of Northville is contributed by the communities of Sandwich, Sheridan and Somonauk and of course, Northville. Since the township has grown remarkably in the recent years, administration found it a little bit difficult to manage. Hence, a Country Sheriff substation was established in the southern part of the Sandwich neighborhood. Sheridan is in the southern corner of Mission township. It is a tiny area to the north of the Fox River.

2010 census reveals that it is a township spread across 86 square kilometers. 98 percent of the area is land and two percent is water. It is impossible to derive an idea of Northville Township without understanding about the neighboring townships of Sandwich and Sheridon that contribute to Northville. As far as population is concerned, it is 6642 as per 2000 census.

Sandwich is a place which can be called the network of creek. It connects to the Fox River, Little Rock Creek and Somonauk creek. Earlier in the nineteenth century, there was a beautiful lake also which was drained to create additional land for farming. The natural gradation that makes Sanwich city beautiful is known as the Sandwich Fault.

It is surrounded by several other counties. The place is beautiful and calm. The lat-long of the place is 41.580N and -88.663W respectively. With the elevation of 640 feet, it is in the Central Standard time Zone of the US.

History and Geography

The town of Northville has a long history. It was settled quite before the Civil War of the old state road which used to connect two important places of that time, Beloit, Wisconsin to Ottawa. However, today the road is not that busy one. In fact, you find a few houses and very few vehicles running around.

Earlier, there was a lake named Lake Davis in the town. It was stretched from the Gletty road of today to the Veterans Memorial Park. However, it was drained later opening up several farmlands. There is a natural geographical fault line which is known as Sandwich Fault Line. The Sandwich Town is located on this fault.

As far as the lowest spot is concerned, the southeast corner is the lowest spot near the Harvey Creek Preserve. The area of Northville is earthquake prone. There was an earthquake in the Sandwich Fault happened in February 2010. Earlier also the tremor was felt in 2007.

Immediately after Sandwich, several communities bestride with the borders of the county. Typically, LaSalle-DeKalb County Line splits Somonaik and Sandwich. Similarly, LaSalle and Lee counties split the unincorporated Welland County in the west direction. In the southern side of Sandwich, the county lines are split by Seneca, Stvanger ans Millington counties.

Construction industry dominates in case of male occupation and healthcare is the top in case of female occupation. The majority of households have at least one or two vehicles. There are families with three or more vehicles as well. Three bedrooms accommodations are the maximum, followed by two bedrooms. There are some accommodations with four bedrooms also. However, there is no house with no bedroom or more than four bedrooms.