Properties Of Canton City


423 Cherry Orchard Road

2290 sq.ft

3 Bedrooms

2.5 Bathrooms

2 Garage

$ 2050

Canton Property Management

When you imagine about a place that gives all benefits of a big city without losing the charm of a beautiful tiny town, the only name flashes in the mind is Canton. When you think about the perfect place to get settled (or for the second home), then Canton is the by default choice. It is a cute, adorable and affordable place. Excellent living areas, state-of-the-art hospitals and community services, and superb educational facilities make it an ideal choice. Beautiful landscapes and eye-catching surroundings enhance its charm further.

The city has a long history of around 200 years. The founder of the city Isaac Swan in 1825 imagined it a perfect factory town because of its strategic location and abundance of coal and labor which were the essential raw material for industrialization in the nineteenth century. The proximity of the Michigan River was an added benefit.


As per the 2000 census information, there are more than 15000 people live in the city, and the number of households is 6000 approximately. The density of population is 1947 people per square mile. It is a metropolitan city with a fairly diversified community. While the Whites are almost 90 percent of the population, African Americans are around 9 percent. The remaining chunk is shared by Native Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders. Their percentage is 0.14 percent, 0.02 percent, and 0.44 percent respectively.

Age wise breakup indicates that it is a fairly 'young' city where 50 percent population falls in the range of 18 to 45 years. 20 percent people lie between 45 to 65 years, and 18 percent are above 65 years of age. The median age is 38 years. The overall male to female ratio is 115:100 which is skewed towards the male population. The adult male to female ratio is further higher where 119 males are there for every 100 females.

With the median income of 30000 odd dollars per household and the per capita income of 17K dollars, it is dominated by the middle class. There are 13 percent people below poverty line also. The age wise breakup of people below poverty line includes 20 percent below 18 years and 5 percent above 65 years. The remaining people lie in the productive age group.

Life and culture

The city is always buzzing with cheer and enthusiasm. Being a 'city of youth', there are several events and festivals mark the calendars. There are food joints, coffee shops, night clubs and pubs. 20 odd restaurants serve a wide spectrum of cuisines with 'signature dish' which is the specialty of that place. People are food lovers. Hence, and they make regular visits to enjoy tasty platters and bubbling drinks.

Friendship Festival is a unique event that has a tradition of more than five decades. It is a purely family event where four fun-filled days bring a long array of activities including parades, contests, music, carnival rides and so on. The highlight is, of course, the special parade with bands, floats, and vintage cars to entertain the spectators. It is a fabulous occasion not to be missed when you are in Canton!