Inkster Property Management

Settled in 1825, Inkster is a suburb of Metro Detroit, located in Wayne County. The first post office was established in 1857 and was named Moulin Rouge. In the early 1960's, Robert Inkster - a settler born in Lerwick, Shetland - operated a steam sawmill on what is now known as Inkster Road. The post office was later renamed after Inkster, in July of 1863. Years later, in 1878, the village developed a station on the Michigan Central Railroad. During the 1920's and 1930's, Inkster saw a spike in the African American population. Many of the new African American residents moved to Inkster because they worked at the nearby Henry Ford plant, didn't want to commute from Detroit, and weren't allowed to reside in Dearborn. Consisting of portions from Nankin Township and Dearborn Township, Inkster was incorporated as a village in 1926. Debates regarding the official borders among neighboring communities took some time to sort out, and when it was settled in 1964, Inkster was finally able to be incorporated as a city.

The City of Inkster is one that prides itself on the enjoyment and well-being of the community. In striving to maintain a happy and healthy community, Inkster offers a number of entertainment options and recreational activities. For those who are looking to have some delicious cuisine, Inkster's most popular eateries include: American restaurant Applewood Coney Island, international restaurant Gracie See Pastaria, and Astoria Cafe & Grill. Stardust Lounge & Restaurant is a highly popular bar/restaurant located in Inkster, as is Bogart's Lounge. Other popular nightlife options include Stiletto's Bar and Inferno Detroit - the area's hottest LGBT nightclub. The city also participates in several community events and programs annually. Some of the most well-known events in Inkster include: An annual Easter egg hunt, Memorial Day parade, 4th of July celebration, Halloween party, and Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Additional community events include: A community health fair, karate tournament, basketball camp, and summer music festival. Popular programs provided by the City of Inkster include: Enhanced fitness, men's basketball league, after school program, tap & ballet program, karate classes, elementary and junior basketball league, playground program, junior golf program, instructional tennis program, aquatic program, instructional swim program, and many others.

In addition to the numerous eateries, bars, events, and programs offered by Inkster, the city also provides parks and recreational areas for residents to enjoy. Perhaps one of the most popular recreational areas in the city is the Dozier Recreation Center. This complex consists of two stories and over 40,000 square feet of total area. Operated by the city's Parks and Recreation Department, the complex includes various rooms intended to best serve the community. The building has several rooms available for rent, including a large meeting lounge room, large multi-purpose room, and smaller sized game room. This recreation center also offers racquetball courts, a large outdoor swimming pool, and an entertainment room with a variety of table games, table tennis, and billiards. Aside from the Dozier Recreation Center, the City of Inkster offers sixteen additional parks and recreational areas for community enjoyment.

The estimated population in Inkster is approximately 24,790 people. The city has a total area of 6.25 square miles - giving it a population density of about 3,966.4 inhabitants per square mile. The estimated median household income in the area is just above $26,000, which is much lower than the statewide median. The estimated per capita income is about $14,400. The median home value in Inkster is estimated at about $42,400 - however, the most recent available median sales price of homes in the area is $27,500. The median rent price of homes in the city is around $795, which is much lower than the national median. The current unemployment rate tops 10% of the population, while the number of individuals living below the poverty line equals a jaw-dropping 37% of the total population.

Although Inkster offers a copious amount of recreational areas and entertainment options, those aren't the only notable things about the city. There are also several well-known people who were born and/or raised in the area. Some of the most popular (former) residents of Inkster include: 1984 Olympic Bronze medal winner Earl Jones, professional basketball player Marcus Fizer, professional football players Keshawn Martin and Tyrone Wheatley, professional boxer J'Leon Love, and countless others. One final noteworthy resident of Inkster was Jeralean Talley - a super-centenarian (an individual that lives past their 110th birthday) - who lived to be 116 years, 25 days old.

Inkster Public School District served the city of Inkster and a small portion of Westland until its dissolution in 2013. Throughout recent years, the school district has seen a decline in student enrollment, which ultimately lead to a large financial deficit. The financial troubles eventually caused the district to completely dissolve. After the Inkster Public School closed, the city was split into quadrants and the remaining students were spread out across four districts, decided by which quadrant their residence fell into. The four districts that accepted the Inkster students operate these schools: Wayne-Westland School District operates David Hicks Elementary School in Inkster, Marshall Upper Elementary School, Adams Upper Elementary School, Franklin Middle School, Stevenson Middle School, John Glenn High School, and Wayne Memorial High School. Westwood School District operates Daly Elementary School, Tomlinson Middle School in Inkster, and Robichaud High School. Taylor School District operates Taylor Parks Elementary School, Hoover Middle School, and Harry S. Truman High School that all serve a portion of Inkster. Romulus School District operates the Romulus Senior High School - the district's secondary school. And though it is technically part of the Garden City Public Schools, the Burger Baylor School for Students with Autism is located in Inkster, as well.

Located along Inkster Road, the Leanna Hicks Public Library serves the city and participates in The Library Network. Open five days a week, the mission of this library is "To be an informational, intellectual and cultural resource for all people provided in a professional and welcoming manner." ( Leanna Hicks Public Library provides resources and programs/events for the whole family. Healthcare/medical facility options in or near Inkster include: Inkster Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic, Cherry Hill Primary Medical Center, Western Wayne Family Health Centers, Oakwood Healthcare Center, Merriman Medical Center, and countless others including specialty clinics. For anyone looking for the big city life without the big city price tag - Inkster is the place!