Properties Of Troy City


1920 Larchwood Drive

780 sq.ft

2 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms


$ 1395

Troy Property Management

Troy, the buzzing and bustling city of the Madison County of the Michigan State are spread across 14 square kilometers with the population density of 720 people per square kilometers. Almost 100% of the city is occupied by land. According to the 2010 Census, the population is around 10000 people. The majority of residents are White (around 95.5 percent). The remaining 5 percent is shared by African American, Native American, Asian and other races.

In the 3000+ households, 60% households belong to married couples. 24% are non families, and 13 percent belong to female householders. The average household size and average family size are respectively 2.76 and 3.16. With the median age of 33 years, Troy is a ‘Young City’ (just like many other cities in the Michigan State).

As far as income is concerned, the median income per family is 60K USD approximately whereas, the per capita income is 21170 USD.

The city is committed to economic growth

The city of Troy is keen to offer a fantastic platform to those who want to be part of a growing community. Being a strong place for excellent business opportunities it is the best place to launch the business. The Department of Economic Development offers an environment that nurtures and encourages the industrial development. The growth chart has been outstanding in the past, and the administration is keen to have the same pace continued. The objective is to have partnership and engagement with dynamic business partners.

Since the city is situated in the best place in St. Louis Metro East Area, commutation is not at all a problem. It is connected to the downtown well and has direct access to US Route 162 and US Route 40. As far as airports are concerned, Lambert and Mid-America airports are at the distance of 32 and 17 miles respectively.

The city doesn‚t talk business all the time, but it is a culturally vibrant place as well. With so many opportunities to explore the art, culture and entertainment; it is the perfect place to settle down. The Metro East Area is known for excellent educational opportunities in the surrounding towns.

The government is committed helping the business

With the support of the government, the city of Troy has demonstrated remarkable business growth earlier. Surely, non-retail or retail, organized or unorganized, small-scale or large; all types of businesses get a flourishing business environment. Some key initiatives taken by the administration:

  • It offers buildings and land that meets the requirements of new ventures.
  • It shares authentic economic data to entrepreneurs so that they can do research.
  • It connects the business owners with workforce development resources.
  • It brings lucrative options specific to the business establishment or expansion solution.

When entrepreneurs show the willingness of starting the business, the development staff meets and discusses the services, products and business plans. They give valuable suggestions to grow the business further. Due to great business opportunities offered by the city of Troy, it is a preferred place for budding business owners.